Our Fabrics



This plain weave cloth is tightly woven fabric with little or no texture. This thin, soft and breathable is an ideal choice in summer months wear well in other seasons as well. Poplins look silky and luxurious in high count fabrics.



These fabrics are highlighted by repeated geometric patterns of the same colour throughout their construction. These are harder to wrinkle due to their weight and represent an ideal choice for office wear shirts.



These fabrics are made using traditional basket weave and have a course and rugged texture. Oxfords have a casual appeal and pair excellent with denim. However, semiformal shirts with a button-down style also work well in formal settings.



These fabrics are heavy and durable with a soft hand feel. Twills are characterised with diagonal stripes in the fabrics. These have a nice sheen and are wrinkle resistant, however may not look as crisp as Poplins.



These fabrics are a type of Twill fabric with distinctive V-shaped pattern. Shirts made of this highly versatile weave fabrics can be successfully paired with suits and also look great as an evening shirt.



These fabrics are similar to poplin but with one white colored thread and another thread of any colour. Chambrays look similar to denim but light in weight. Shirts made with this kind of fabric can be worn easily from the boardroom to the bar.






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