Designing a Shirt online

Our unique real-time online custom design tool displays each and every element of customization on your screen. This ensures that your shirt will arrive exactly as you designed.

Measurement techniques

So that you do not have to fit into a generic (standard) size as opposed to off the rack shirts, we offer six different measuring techniques. You can choose what works best for you.

1. TMP measurement system.

2. Send us your best fitting shirt (Of course, we will send it back along with your order).

3. Enter your best fitting shirt measurements.

4. Enter your body measurements.

5. Request our traveling tailor (Available only in Mumbai ).

6. You can choose a standard size in three different fit options such as Slim, Regular and Comfort.

Either way, we guarantee you your best fit. If the fit of your first shirt ordered through us is not according to your liking, you can send us the shirt back mentioning the changes needed and we will alter it for you at no extra charge. We will then save this size in your profile for your future orders

Why choose a custom shirt

At Tastardo, we believe no one can replace your own inimitable style and wish to provide you with powerful tools to create the same. Also, if you wish to buy our Ready-to-wear or Tastardo collection, you are most welcome to and in addition to that you also get your best fit.

Where do you ship

We believe you have a right to wear your best shirt in whatever location you reside. However, at this moment, we ship only in India

Shipping and Handling charges

No extra charges are to be paid towards Shipping and Handling

How long does it take to make and ship

As everything good takes time, it takes aapproximately 2 weeks to ship your order.

Can I make changes to an order already placed

Our aim is to ship your order in the shortest timeframe possible. However, do mail us at customercare@tastardo.com to see if we could help at you that stage.

How do I place a bulk order

Yes. Please feel free to mail us at customercare@tastardo.com

How can I check my order status

Yes. At the moment, you can mail us your Order No. at customercare@tastardo.com

Is my order history maintained

Yes. It is maintained in your Account details section on the website.

How many different measurements can I store in my account

As many as you like. You can gift your dad or your loved ones their best fitting shirts as many as you like. And you could store each and every measurement in your account.

Alterations and Fit guarantee

Every Tastardo shirt is guaranteed to fit perfectly. One alteration on your first shirt ordered through us is on us. Please refer to Alterations Link for details

What are the Returns policy

Please refer to Returns section

What are the Payment Options

We accept all major Credit/Debit cards. We also have a Cash on Delivery (COD) option available for delivery in India only.